A HOT MS has been a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist since her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. She has dedicated her life’s work to the awareness, and education of this disease. She is passionate about delivering inspiring talks to audiences around the world. With a background in performing arts and business, A HOT MS brings unique perspective and motivation to the world of multiple sclerosis and disability.


A HOT MS believes in the power of vulnerability. Transparency can be a wonderful opportunity to build strength and resilience.

“There is so much shame that is attached to disability. My mission is to break the stigma and widen perception. Yes, our lives may be different, but we hold so much more control than we allow ourselves utilize.” 

By embracing their disasters, her listeners can tap into their inner strengths and passions, to overcome any obstacle and become the best version of themselves. 

With A HOT MS's guidance, audiences are empowered to take action and live their best lives regardless of their disease or disability.


Brittany has been welcomed into the world of philanthropy & motivational speaking surrounding MS, chronic illness & disability.  

She has shared her story of grit, strength and intrepidity with pharmaceutical companies, disability organizations, schools, medical groups, foundations, churches and more.  

Her hope is that each listener may walkaway feeling heard, validated and encouraged to embrace the difficult parts of life with disability. That it is possible to turn the most challenging parts of life into the things that truly transform us.  

“Our victories get way too much attention. It’s time to celebrate our disasters!”  

With transparent humor, she hopes to continue to inspire those in the communities of multiple sclerosis, chronic illness and disability.