Have you ever reached a point in life where ALL THE ODDS were against you? Where you didn't think you could end up any lower yet somehow, cosmic infrastructure had other plans to get you down even further? But through determination, tenacity and strength you managed to pick yourself up, make it work and allow it to shape you? Then this podcast is for you! Unfiltered, honest and raw intrepidity all bundled into a casual chat. Whether it be unforeseen disabilities, hearing the "C" word or incurable progressive illnesses, any chronic health condition can shake our core and turn our world upside down. Come join the discussions with Multiple Sclerosis Advocate, Speaker, Writer and Content Creator Brittany Quiroz, better known as "A HOT MS" as she chats 1 on 1 with those who have had all the odds against them with their health and have turned it into something positive, empowering or even life changing! 

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