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"What VS. Who"

Thank you to Claiming Disability Inc for their voice in the world of disability and for their continuing advocacy for change. 

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I was blessed to receive a Reiki and Crystal Healing Session at Divine Vibes in Rancho Santa Margarita CA by the beautiful Christina Currie

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Women Empowered Podcast- GUest artist "A hot ms"

Vocal Instruction-

Full Rituxan Infusion- Juice Day! - 11.22.19

Got my first full 1000 mg Rituxan Infusion and it went rather well

Looks can be deceiving - 11.18.19

If they only knew what was really going on on the INSIDE. (Insert screaming in terror here)

Hello Hectic Holidays! - 11.16.19

Wrapping my mind around my 1st Holiday Season with SPMS and how to handle the season with good health and grace.

Morning after Rituxan 11.9.19

So far so good. But we will see what the remainder of the day holds. 

1st Rituxan Infusion - 11.8.19

Check out this great video

All Hail the Juice Gods 11.3.19

How juicing changed my life for the better. 

MS Balancing Act

No people with multiple sclerosis were harmed in the making of this video.

"To be truly comfortable with ones-self is to find the genuine humor in your short comings"- Britt Q